Try the mattress for 120 days

Your new partner in bed is Matt

At least one third of your life is spent under the sheets on your mattress! You share joy and sorrow: from the most romantic evenings to feverish mornings.

You don’t just enter into such a relationship blindly. And you definitely don’t decide on it after a five minute showroom test where you try out the showroom bed fully dressed. It's more than just a flirt, it’s getting to know each other… step by step.

Experience Matt during a 120 days’ adventure

  • DAY 1

    Matt has been unpacked and awaits your gentle touches. But just a minute, let’s start with a sweet coffee date and learn to know each other first.

  • DAY 8

    Time to be tipsy tonight, a hangover has never been so comfortable.

  • DAY 16

    Tell your boss your meeting with Matt has overrun, you have never been so honest.

  • DAY 32

    Never grow up! Build your own Matt castle and defend it against evil outsiders.

  • DAY 47

    Be trendy and redefine the meaning of working from home. #workmode

  • DAY 60

    If all goes well, you are by now addicted to Matt. Time to save the princess from her dark castle..

  • DAY 84

    Close those curtains… quality time for yourself and your favourite movie. Hmmm, much better than a narrow cinema seat

  • DAY 120

    Congratulations! You and Matt have been dating for 120 days now. This is no flirt anymore, but true love.

Not satisfied about the mattress? Because we're convinced of Matt’s high-quality, we are happy to lend him during a 120 day period, without further obligations. If you're not fully convinced or satisfied, please let us know within 120 days and we'll pick Matt up free of charge and refund you for the purchase price.

10 year warranty

We don’t expect you to ever use this warranty, but in case something would still be wrong with Matt, we will instantly resolve the issue. That’s a promise and our commitment… 10 years’ long.

Matt's second life

Although Matt being turned down is a real exception, ‘no’ to the start of a marvelous Matt relationship doesn’t mean the end for him. If Matt is being returned, he will get a pep talk. We will boost his self-confidence and we count on his resilience.

After that, we'll find him a new owner. Someone for whom it's not self-evident to sleep on a good mattress and who needs our help.

Perfect with the Matt mattress