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The Loft

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Free V.I.D. service (Very Important Dreamer)

After placing your order, our delivery partner will contact you to arrange a delivery date and time. De Loft and the Matt mattress can be installed in your bedroom for free. You can even have the deliverers collect your old bed or mattress at a reduced price.

25 years of warranty

As it's made from recycled steel with a wall thickness of 3mm, it offers excellent longevity. If this is not the case, then we will provide a replacement.

Minimalist design, made in Holland

Thanks to the elegant design and minimalist style, this bed looks amazing in any bedroom. Custom-made in the Netherlands. Available in black and white. Each bed consists of recycled steel, which we sandblast and powder coat to ensure that the entire bed is wear-proof.

The bed includes a slatted base comprising 24 slats, which are easy to attach and will ensure that your Matt mattress is stable.

Complete the Loft package with our bedside tables. Just like the bed, they are made from steel, powder coated, and easy to install. The design perfectly complements the subtle design of the bed.

More information

  • Zwart metalen bed
  • Easy assembly

    With only four bolts, this is one of the easiest beds to assemble. The slatted base can simply be clicked in.
  • Optioneel hoofdbord

    Wil je een extra stijlelement aan je bed toevoegen dat ook nog eens functioneel is? Het hoofdbord zorgt ervoor dat je kussens op zijn plaats blijven maar is ook ideaal voor een ontbijt op bed, boek lezen of om een film te kijken. Hij is 115 cm hoog vanaf de grond.

  • Optional bedside table

    The matching bedside tables feature a 23 by 23cm surface, making them the perfect place to put a book, your glasses, or a phone. The bedside tables are easy to move. The steel bedside table is finished with a subtle matt logo and extends 30cm from the side of the bed.
  • Slatted base

    Each bed is delivered with a tailored slatted base. The 24 slats are easy to insert.
  • Optional canopy bed

    Make your Loft bed a true eye-catcher by adding a canopy. Measured from the ground to the top, the canopy bed stands two metres tall and is easy to affix.
  • Optional extra side bar

    Add some complementary style by opting for an extra side bar on either side of the bed. It also provides more stability. Particularly recommended in combination with the canopy.
  • Powder coating

    We sandblast the steel and then put on a beautiful, scratch-resistant layer of powder coating with a fine texture.
    Zwart metalen bed frame
  • After placing your order, our delivery partner will contact you to arrange a delivery date and time that suits you. De Loft and the Matt mattress can be installed in your bedroom for free. Please make sure that the Loft can fit through your stairwell. Please see the Loft's dimensions.

    Note: We can not deliver the bed to the Waddeneilanden.

  • If your residence is on a floor other than the ground floor, please make sure that the Loft fits through the stairwell. The bars will be delivered as separate parts, so you only need to take the dimensions of the frame into account. If you have ordered a 220cm frame, then please make sure that the 216 cm bar fits through your stairwell. The steel is 3mm thick and the pipes are 4x4cm.

    The largest box you should take into account is listed below. The exact size of the box depends on the chosen width.

    80: 82 x 37 x 5
    90: 92 x 37 x 5
    140: 142 x 37 x 5
    160: 162 x 37 x 5
    180: 182 x 37 x 5
    200: 202 x 37 x 5

    Do you also order a headboard with it? Then take into account the measurements below. The size of the box depends on the chosen width.

    80: 73 x 81 x 5
    90: 83 x 81 x 5
    140: 133 x 81 x 5
    160: 153 x 81 x 5
    180: 173 x 81 x 5
    200: 193×81×5

  • The Loft is available in sizes stated below. Please note the +4cm in length for the option of a headboard. When you chose a 160x200, the length is 204 cm.

    • 080x200+4cm
    • 080x210+4cm
    • 080x220+4cm


    • 090x200+4cm
    • 090x210+4cm
    • 090x220+4cm


    • 140x200+4cm
    • 160x200+4cm
    • 160x210+4cm
    • 160x220+4cm


    • 180x200+4cm
    • 180x210+4cm
    • 180x220+4cm


    • 200x200+4cm
    • 200x210+4cm
    • 200x220+4cm
  • The Loft stands 35cm tall. Together with the Matt mattress (25cm tall), the height of the complete bed is 60cm.

  • You can order the Loft together with a bedside table. The bedside table features a 23 by 23cm surface and extends 30 cm from the side of the bed. You can affix the bedside table on one of two locations on each side of the bed, meaning that you can position the bedside table further from or closer to the wall based on your preference.

  • Please note: if the Loft does not meet your expectations, then the installer can immediately take the bed back with them after installation is complete. The full purchase amount will then be returned to your account. However, if you start using the Loft, then you cannot return it.

  • You can pay with iDeal, credit card, PayPal, Bank Transfer, IN3, (3x iDeal payment link) or Slimpay (3x instalments per creditcard).

  • You will receive a 10% combo discount if you also order a Matt mattress. Please note that your combo discount is void if you only return the mattress or the Loft.

  • You can order the Loft together with the canopy. The canopy is 200cm in height, measured from the ground.

  • We expect that you will never need to use it, but if something goes wrong with your bed then we will sort it out. We guarantee you that for 25 years.

  • Do you want to add an extra style element to your bed that is also functional? The headboard ensures that your pillows stay in place, but is also ideal for breakfast in bed, reading a book or watching a movie. It is 115cm high from the ground.

Goes perfectly with the Loft

Excellent 4.7/5 Trustpilot

To the moon and back for a good customer experience!

The way in which they think along about how we can best test the mattresses goes further than any other provider. The fast switching and responding to mail and telephone is also super.



Hotel experience in your own bedroom

I recommend buying Matt Sleeps ;) The awesome thing is you can adjust the mattress to your liking because of the modular layers. I’m definitely glad I bought Matt.



My husband and I love it

We went for a Matt because very good friends of ours highly recommended it. Super happy with the quality of material, delivery and we sleep very well on it.



Fantastic mattress!

Fantastic mattress with amazing service. At our foundation, night shift volunteers take naps on a Matt Sleeps and all love the comfortable feel of it. Thanks for the great service, delivering the mattress within just a few days.