Lazy sundays chilling with Matt

The adjustable mattress


The perfect mattress

25 centimeters of the best materials which have been uniquely merged into the perfect Matt combination.  

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Box spring

A stylish boxspring

A good mattress like Matt deserves a foundation of the very best quality.

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Better price, similar quality

We have invested in those materials which truly enhance your sleeping comfort and experience and we have cut the unnecessary crap. Thanks to our well-considered choices we are able to sell Matt for about ? of the standard shop price.


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Consumer association about Matt

This company is the first to have highly consumer-friendly conditions, such as a 'try at home' and money-back warranty. In addition, they're constantly improving their product range based on feedback from their customers. These types of companies are an asset and much better for the market than the mattress makers who are only looking for big profits at the expense of the consumer.

Noëlle van der Weel
Editor & mattress researcher consumer union sept. 2018

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The perfect mattress for each one of us

A mattress which neatly matches your body, no matter your weight. This was our guiding principle. During a 15 months’ development and design process we have done variouse tests involving 4 major European mattress manufacturers, 3 hotel giants and 260 test subjects.

We analysed and researched various material compositions and finally discovered, in close cooperation with the TU Delft students, the ultimate mattress.

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Matras fabriek


Matrassentest 2016


Proefpersonen matrassentest 2016

Human subjects

Matrassen onderzoek 2016

TU Delft

Made for every surface

Matt is a universal mattress. It is compatible with a slatted frame, a boxspring, an electronically adjustable frame, a bunk bed with a feather construction, a number of pallets, empty crates and the ground.

He is the perfect all-rounder and a true star player on every surface, so it’s up to you where and how you would like to use him.

Boxpring kopen

Box spring

Goed matras op de grond

On the ground

Lattenbodem kopen

Slatted bed

Dutch Design

Matt is mainly designed, developed and manufactured in the Netherlands - with a little help of our friendly neighbours: Germany and Belgium. This has saved us lots of fuel and brought us less loss of quality.

On a serious note: we believe each entrepreneur should produce his or her product in a responsible way. We can only guarantee this responsibility by cooperating with the best local suppliers.

This is how we guarantee a sustainable and fair product.

Nederlands beste matrassenmerk

Nederlands beste matrassenmerk

Duurzaam en goed matras
Duurzaam en goed matras
Duurzaam en goed matras
Duurzaam en goed matras
Duurzaam en goed matras
Duurzaam en goed matras
Duurzaam en goed matras
Duurzaam en goed matras
Duurzaam en goed matras
Duurzaam en goed matras
Duurzaam en goed matras
Duurzaam en goed matras


We have carefully worked on Matt’s composition. With an eye for detail we have made Matt with the best materials and resources which can be fully recycled. And who knows… maybe one day in the distant, distant future the reincarnated Matt returns like a carpet, in a car seat or in a tatami.

Perfect with the Matt mattress