Warranty conditions

  1. We guarantee that our products comply with our agreement. You can expect that our products meet the stated specifications, the reasonable requirements of reliability and usability and the legal provisions and/or government regulations existing on the date of the conclusion of our agreement. We therefore provide a warranty on (parts of) our products.
  2. The guarantee lapses in case:
    1. You have repaired and/or modified the delivered products by yourself, or have had them repaired and/or processed by Third Parties.
    2. You have not had the box spring or loft bed installed by one of our installers.
    3. You have not used the products normally. For example, if you have exposed the delivered products to abnormal conditions or have handled them carelessly in any other way. This is in in particular the case if the delivered products have been treated in conflict with the instructions of Matt Sleeps and/or in accordance with the instructions on the packaging;
    4. The defectiveness is wholly or partly the result of regulations that the government has made or will make with regard to the nature or quality of the materials used.
    5. The defectiveness consists of spots, tears or holes that have been created by your own doing.
  3. The warranty for mattresses applies for a term of 10 (ten) years.
    1. This does apply to our waranty:
      1. Any manufacturing errors and defects that are physical flaws that have caused a clear reduction of more than 2.5 cm of the material.
    2. This does not apply to our warranty:
      1. A Matt not purchased through our official sales channels.
      2. Comfort preferences that fall outside the 120-day trial period.
      3. Mold formation is caused by a damp room or floor. The mattress has excellent ventilation thanks to its open cell structure, but it cannot withstand a damp floor or room.
      4. Deviation of up to 2 cm in length and width from the original measurements. This applies to all our sleeping products such as beds, toppers and pillows.
      5. Pitting formation up to 2.5 cm (two and a half centimeters). Consult our customer service for how to correctly determine pitting.
      6. Wear caused by the use of an unsuitable or poorly supporting surface.
  4. The warranty for mattress protectors applies for a term of 1 (one) year and applies to:
    1. Thinning of the fabric or PU coating.
    2. Loosening of the elastics.
    3. Tears or holes in the fabric.
  5. The warranty for toppers applies:
    1. For pitting of more than 2.5 cm (two and a half centimeters) for a period of 2 (two) years.
    2. For manufacturing defects such as tears or holes in the topper, if reported within 30 days.
  6. The warranty for box springs applies:
    1. For manufacturing defects reported on delivery by signing the (digital) form that the installer takes with him during the installation.
    2. For transport damage, if the (digital) form of receipt is not signed.
    3. For discoloration for a term of 3 (three) months.
    4. For spring and frame breakage for a term of 25 (twenty-five) years.
    5. For electric motors for a term of 2 (two) years.
  7. The warranty for loft beds applies:
    1. For manufacturing defects reported on delivery by signing the (digital) form that the installer takes with him during the installation.
    2. For frame breakage of the steel of the frame for a term of 25 (twenty-five) years.
    3. For manufacturing defects of the coating for a period of 5 (five) years. This does not include damage consisting of normal signs of use such as scratches on the surface.
  8. The warranty for pillows applies:
    1. For foam pitting of more than 2.5 cm (two and a half centimetres) for a term of 2 (two) years.
    2. For cracks or tears in the foam under normal use for a term of 2 (two) weeks.
  9. The warranty for covers of pillows, toppers and mattresses applies:
    1. For defects of zippers and seams for a period of 2 (two) years.
  10. For defects in covers that are covered by the warranty according to the previous paragraph, this only entitles you to a new cover, not to a completely new product.
  11. The warranty periods mentioned in this article start from the moment you (or someone on behalf of you) have received the products.
  12. To invoke the warranty, you must notify us in Writing within the warranty period specified for that product or part. Send a photo and/or video and a description of the complaint to [email protected].
  13. If we also conclude that you are indeed entitled to a warranty, we will decide how we will help you. We may choose to repair or replace your product. This means that you do not always get a new product.