The adjustable mattress

Matt is more than a mattress, it’s an adjustable mattress. Some people like it hard, some like it soft... with Matt you can choose! Matt is delivered at your home with the comfort option 3 (standard). You can change it! Simply unzip the cover and flip the layers, to make it harder or softer.

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The best rated mattress on the Internet

Lekker slapen op een goed matras 120 nights free trial period
Boxspring matras gratis verzenden en retouren Free delivery
Het traagschuim matras is een goed matras 1 mattress 6 comfort options
Het boxspring matras is een goed matras Sleeping together without a gap
Een duurzaam matras is een goed matras The best and most sustainable materials
Het beste matras komt met 10 jaar garantie Always 10 years warranty

With just two hands and a primary school degree, you're sufficiently equipped to adjust me.

See how you adjust me

You can adjust Matt yourself. Matt is always delivered to you in comfort option 3. If you turn the layers around you change Matt to a more firm or softer comfort option. For personal advice start our configurator.

Start configurator

Find your most comfortable option

Configure your mattress and
discover our advice.

  1. Pick your size and choose whether you sleep alone or together
  2. Select your weight and sleeping preference
  3. View the result and adapt it yourself at home
We recommend 2 mattresses


Be aware! For this configuration we recommend two single mattresses because the top layer is not split.

75 kg
Soft perfect for 80% Hard
75 kg
Soft perfect for 80% Hard

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Our sleep advice Snuggle, 140 x 200 cm

You must have known, but you're a dream couple! Order a double Matt now, turn the unique layers to suit your personal preferences and sleep together without an annoying gap.

Matt is almost on your doormat(t)

Be aware! I'm delivered in the configuration that best suits most people. If you have specific wishes and preferences, you'll have to readjust me. In no time I'll be the mattress of your dreams.


A new roommate is a big decision. That's why we turn the 25 cm high Matt mattress inside out one more time and show you which 6 features of Matt contribute to your sleeping comfort.

Because you can rotate the comfort layer and support layer independently, you can customize Matt to your own liking. A hybrid mattress, it's that simple!

  • Tencel

    Tencel is a natural raw material and fully biodegradable. Tencel is made from eucalyptus wood from sustainably managed forests.

    The top cover consists of a mix of Tencel and viscose. It has a fluffy filling of polyester thread on the bottom. Thanks to its zip our top cover is easy to wash at 60 degrees, so you can always keep your Matt hygienically clean!

    Tencel is the only fibre in the world certified with the European Ecolabel. This material helps to regulate humidity and prevents bacteria from proliferating.

    Tencel advantages :

    • Natural and environmentally friendly
    • Silky soft and luxurious feel
    • Temperature regulating and ventilating. Warm in winter, cool in summer
    • Exceptional moisture absorption, 150% more than cotton
    • Anti-allergic, anti-bacterial and therefore ideal for people with a house dust mite allergy or sensitive skin.

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  • Zipper

    The cover of Matt is easily and fully removable and can be washed at 60 degrees. This makes Matt fresh again and ensures house dust mites don't stand a chance.

    In addition, this handy zipper makes it incredibly easy to customize Matt to your sleep preferences.

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  • Hypersupport

    This comfort layer consists of an innovative foam that is ventilating, has a velvety surface and at the same time supports the body.


    Benefits Hypersupport:

    • Very good point elasticity, which provides good support for the body
    • Due to its open cell structure, it has excellent air permeability (ventilation)
    • The open cell structure also ensures good moisture regulation

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    Een goed matras zorgt voor uitstekende ondersteuning en comfort
  • Memory Foam

    Memory Foam is invented by NASA to absorb the enormous acceleration during the launch of a rocket. 



    Thanks to memory foam, the pressure can be better distributed over the astronaut's body. Nowadays it's essential in a modern mattress.

    Because of the body heat, the material forms itself to the body and reduces pressure points. The memory foam is sustainable because we replace some of the raw materials with Ricinus oil, a vegetable oil extracted from the seeds of the Ricilus plant. Do you like a very soft mattress or do you get cold quickly? Then use memory foam as the top layer.

    Advantages of memory foam:

    • Distributes the weight
    • Reduces the number of pressure points
    • Forms itself to each posture of the body through body temperature
    • Good ventilation due to open cell structure

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  • Cold Foam Soft

    Do you have a light weight or do you prefer soft, then you would like to turn this layer upwards.


    Our research has shown that most people prefer Matt with the soft side up and the comfortlayer on top, that is why Matt is standard delivered like this. 

    The ergonomic comfort zones give your body the right support, regardless of your physique. 

    Cold Foam benefits:

    • Optimal resilience
    • Long lifespam 
    • Avoid sagging 
    • Good heat regulation and moisture transport
    • The most stable support




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  • Cold foam firm

    People with a bit more body weight or who prefer firm like to put this hard side on top. This way you get more support.

    The ergonomic comfort zones give your body the right support, regardless of your physique.

    Advantages of cold foam:

    • Optimal resilience
    • Long lifespan
    • No pitting
    • The best moisture removal and heat regulation
    • The most stable support

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  • Comfort zones

    For the Matt mattress, 7 unique comfort zones have been designed. The zones provide the best support in the right places.

    Does your mother tell you your spineless? With Matt it stays perfectly straight.

    We worry about your spine, while you probably never think about it. It's a complicated story, but some parts of your body need more support than others. With our test center we've created these unique comfort zones. These comfort zones reduce pressure and provide a balanced ergonomic posture. It's designed to keep your spine in its natural s-shape at all times. Whether you're lying on your back, belly or side. Matt keeps you in balance.

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  • Cover

    You probably do not care too much about the design of your mattress, but Matt cares about the way he looks. 

    The woven cover is made of premium textile. The fibers of the cover ensure optimal ventilation. You can wash the blue part of the cover at 40ºC. Do not tumble dry. Please read the washing instructions carefully. 


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    Een nieuw matras bescherm je met een matras topper of matrasbeschermer
  • Non-slip layer

    If you ever play hide and seek and you hide under the bed, you will see that we have also thought carefully about the bottom of the mattress. 




    From a practical point of view the bottom of your mattress has an important feature. Why? It regulates movement. The non slip layer of Matt ensures the mattress stays in place. Perfect if you twist and turn a lot in your sleep or if you have a bed with an adjustable base. You will only notice the difference if you ever make the very unlikely decision to buy a different mattress. 




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    Een nieuw matras met anti-sliplaag
  • Matt is mainly designed, developed and made in the Netherlands -with a little help from Germany. We keep the production close to home to save fuel and prevent quality loss. 

  • Height of the mattress: 25cm

    Matt is made of with the following materials:

    • Top side cover (1cm)
    • Hypersupport (4cm)
    • Memory foam (4cm)
    • Cold foam soft (8cm)
    • Cold foam hard (8cm)
    • Non-slip cover

    Hypersupport:      D40
    Memory Foam:     D54
    Cold foam:             D40 (average)

    Cover composition
    Top side/white side: 19% Lyocel (tencel) / 19% viscose / 62% Polyester 

    Underside with anti-slip: 100% Polyester





    • 80x190x25 cm (17 kg)
    • 80x200x25 cm (18 kg)
    • 80x210x25 cm (19 kg)
    • 80x220x25 cm (20 kg)
    • 90x190x25 cm (18 kg)
    • 90x200x25 cm (20 kg)
    • 90x210x25 cm (21 kg)
    • 90x220x25 cm (22 kg)
    • 100x200x25 cm (23 kg)
    • 100x210x25 cm (24 kg)
    • 100x220x25 cm (26 kg)
    • 120x200x25 cm (25 kg)
    • 140x200x25 cm (29 kg)
    • 160x190x25 cm (30 kg)
    • 160x200x25 cm (32 kg)
    • 160x210x25 cm (34 kg)
    • 160x220x25 cm (35 kg)
    • 180x200x25 cm (36 kg)
    • 180x210x25 cm (38 kg)
    • 180x220x25 cm (40 kg)
    • 200x200x25 cm (40 kg)
  • Matt will be delivered to your home in a box (45x45x110cm) for free.

    Single mattresses weight between 16 and 24 kg.
    Double mattresses weight between 28 and 42 kg.

    As soon as the order has left our warehouse, we'll send you an e-mail with the expected delivery time.

    It's rare, but if it turns out you and Matt are not the perfect match, let us know within 120 days and we 'll pick Matt up for free.

  • All materials used and manufacturers involved in production are OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 certified. This ensures an environmentally friendly and socially responsible production of the mattress.

    Our mattress has the following certificates:

    • CertiPur
    • EU Ecolabel
    • LGA certificate
    • HygCen
    • Body-wholesome textiles
    • OEKO-TEX® Standard 100
  • Because we're convinced of Matt's quality, we'll lend you Matt for 120 days without any obligations. That way you'll have enough time to find your perfect configuration and to determine whether you and Matt are a good match. If you're not fully satisfied, let us know within 120 days. We'll pick up Matt free of charge and reimburse you for the full purchase amount.

    We don't expect you'll ever need to use it, but if something's wrong with Matt, we'll fix it. We guarantee that for 10 years. More information about our warranty can be found here.

  • The Matt mattress comes in a handy box so that it can be shipped with regular parcel post. Unfortunately, regular parcel post does not return old mattresses. This option is available if you order a box spring or bedframe from us, as it is delivered via a special courier service. It is then possible to give your mattress and / or your bed for an additional fee. We will recycle the products for you. In most municipalities you can make an appointment via the website or telephone to have waste collected. Check the website of your municipality for this. You can also take waste to the recycling center or the municipal waste collection station yourself. Make sure your mattress stays dry, the municipality will then transfer it to a special processing company such as Unfortunately, wet mattresses cannot be recycled and are incinerated.

  • Matt is a universal mattress. He's compatible with a slatted base, a boxspring, an electrically adjustable base, a raised bed with spring construction, a few pallets and the ground. As an all-rounder, he's a star player on any surface, so we'd love to let you know how and where you can set him up.

  • The Tencel cover is washable up to 60 degrees. That way you keep Matt hygienic and house dust mites won't stand a chance. The blue part of the cover is washable up to 40 degrees.

    Cover composition

    Top side/white side: 19% Lyocel (tencel) / 19% viscose / 62% Polyester

    Underside with anti-slip: 100% Polyester

    Do not tumble dry the cover.

    NB! The mattress cover should not be put into the dryer as it may shrink it. Please read carefully the label before washing. 

  • You can see the 6 firmess options of the mattress right here :

     6 firmess options of the mattress

What others say about Matt

It may be clear that we're a fan of Matt, but you certainly don't have to accept everything from us blindly. Read what others have to say about Matt, or try it out yourself for 120 days and create your own opinion!

  • We tried several mattresses but we prefer Matt. It appeals to us that is a local Dutch brand and that the mattress is made from sustainable materials.

    Jessica G.

  • Friends of mine all have a Matt mattress and are very excited about it. So I was persuaded to join the hype. I was still sceptical at first, but I can't help but say that it's a very high quality mattress.

    Berend O.

  • High expectations have completely been met, the mattress is not warm, gives good support and I don't feel it when my wife turns around.

    Pepijn H.

  • Nice product, mattress is great from day one. Out of curiosity also tried a few other comfort options. They're all nice but I'm a bigger fan of the soft options than of the harder ones. Certainly recommend it!

    Robert G.

  • Ordered the 'Double trouble' late at night. The next day I already slept on it. What a lovely mattress! No more back pain and I sleep much better.

    Friso de J.

  • I have to admit that in the beginning I was a bit sceptical if the mattress is as comfortable as it is claimed to be. But it exceeded my expectations. I already noticed a big difference the first night. a well earned 5 stars.

    Tina M.

  • Nothing wrong with Matt. Mattress is firm and my girlfriend doesn’t complain anymore that I twist and turn too much in my sleep. I plan on buying one for the guest room as well.

    Oliver G.

  • Since I bought Matt I sleep like a baby again. It is really convenient that they sell this mattress in the length of 220 cm because we are both quite tall.

    Cornelie B.

  • Fysiotherapeut


    Martijn Britsemmer

    "A good mattress is one of the keys to success for my patients!"

    Your mattress has to fit your physique and body weight... A mattress should provide support when you lie on it completely relaxed. You can test this in the shop, but you often only lie on it for a few minutes. And one thing is certain: you will be much more relaxed in your sleep, so testing awake in the shop is not always the best way to go about it. The 120 days of trial and Matt's adaptability make Matt an ideal mattress for people with back problems.

    Sports physiotherapist Martijn Britsemmer, also known as 'the fixer', is a specialist in the recovery of shoulder and lower back problems and helps his patients in both Amsterdam and hometown Zeist. Martijn talked about his experience as a sports physiotherapist and the importance of a good mattress and sleep for the body in this interview.

  • De Consumentenbond

    The Consumers' association

    Consumer guide 2018

    Guide Consumentenbond Sept 2018:

    I have a lot of sympathy for companies like, who developed their own mattresses because in their opinion there was no 'high quality for a fair price' on the market. These commpanies are the first to offer highly consumer-friendly conditions, such as a 'try at home' and money-back guarantee. In addition, they're constantly improving their products based on feedback from their customers. These types of companies are an asset and much better for the market than mattress makers who are only looking for big profits at the consumer's expense.

Testing and certification

Only the best is good enough. That's why I'm tested more often and more rigorously than an Olympic medalist. The high standards that we set ensure that we can be sure you sleep well.

Het duurzame boxspring matras van Matt is het beste matras


To make sure that after years of hard work Matt is still as comfortable as on the first day, we mimic intensive use. With a roller of 130 kilos we roll over Matt 30,000 times. This way we know for sure that Matt always shows his best side!

Een traagschuim matras biedt uitstekende ondersteuning - Goed matras


If you lie on a good mattress, your spine will have the same form as when you stand up straight. Matt's support is measured at 36 different pressure points with different body types and sleeping positions. Seven comfort zones guarantee an optimal ergonomic posture.

Een matras kopen doe je online bij Matt Sleeps

Resilience and point elasticity

We test Matt with different weights for resilience and point elasticity. The heavier body parts get more pressure, so that you're optimally supported everywhere all night long. In addition, Matt isolates movement and you don't suffer from your partner (snoring not included).


Of course Matt has also been tested extensively by independent organisations. All of Matt's materials have received the correct European certificates.

View all certificates

Best geteste matras van 2020 - Beste matras - Goed matras

Trophy cabinet

I'm a modest mattress and naturally play a subordinate role. I don't feel the need for it, but experts see the need to applaud and crown me. That's up to them. And to you.

Nima award

In 2017, Matt Sleeps was nominated by NIMA as a finalist in the national Marketing Awards. "Inspire the finalists with a distinctive introduction to the Dutch market with demonstrable good (initial) results."

Sprout Challenger 50

"Matt Sleeps is one of the fifty most daring, innovative companies in the Netherlands. These entrepreneurs are innovative, don't care how things are 'supposed to be', take risks for granted and succeed in taking market share away from the established order."

Startup Award

Store concepts that have existed for less than three years are eligible for this award. An independent jury assesses acquired start-ups on the basis of their raison d'être and originality. Three start-ups are nominated on the basis of this assessment. Matt Sleeps was nominated for Best Start Up Award in 2017.

Het boxspring matras is het beste matras - Matras kopen


  •  price 1

    Refers to the safety, health and environmental performance in the field of high quality (cold) foams. Only manufacturers who meet strict safety, health and environmental requirements may use this label.

  •  price 2

    Products and services with the EU Ecolabel are produced sustainably with a lower environmental impact of: raw materials, energy, water, harmful substances, waste and packaging.

  •  price 3

    The LGA certificate guarantees that the foam in the mattress is of high quality.

  •  price 4

    The Oeko-Tex is a test and certifying system for textiles that guarantees that the textile is completely free of harmful substances and that the mattress is safe to use for children and babies.

  •  Price 5

    The HygCen certificate is only issued to mattresses that are free of harmful substances and guarantees that the quality of the foam has a high constant value.

  •  price 6

    Body-wholesome textiles: A German textile inspection service that carries out research into skin-friendly textile fabrics.

Excellent 4.7/5 Trustpilot

To the moon and back for a good customer experience!

The way in which they think along about how we can best test the mattresses goes further than any other provider. The fast switching and responding to mail and telephone is also super.



Hotel experience in your own bedroom

I recommend buying Matt Sleeps ;) The awesome thing is you can adjust the mattress to your liking because of the modular layers. I’m definitely glad I bought Matt.



My husband and I love it

We went for a Matt because very good friends of ours highly recommended it. Super happy with the quality of material, delivery and we sleep very well on it.



Fantastic mattress!

Fantastic mattress with amazing service. At our foundation, night shift volunteers take naps on a Matt Sleeps and all love the comfortable feel of it. Thanks for the great service, delivering the mattress within just a few days.