About us

We at Matt have one major common passion: we love sleeping. We are real sleep fanatics! Bye bye days, welcome nights! So, it wasn’t really a big surprise that about 70% of our daily conversations were about the vital vehicle of our preferred pastime: the mattress.

‘… and that makes 3.000 euros in total, but you get what you want and you lose what you had.’ ‘OMG, 3000 euros? Is this a hidden camera prank? You get what you want? What do I want?’
‘Well, a biological, synchronized massage, rabbit wool disruption mattress.'

It was a lazy afternoon so it took us a while to finally realize what was really going on: the whole mattress industry was flooded with filthy marketing tricks.

So we decided not to throw in the towel. That memorable afternoon we concluded a sacred pact and we agreed to switch our beds for a quest to figure out the mattress mystery. Our mission became excessive night work and our group of supporters gradually grew. In cooperation with various renowned mattress suppliers and some students of TU Delft we went on a quest in search of the holy grail of a night’s rest. We persevered until we created the perfect Matt(ress).

Matt became the logic result of the ultimate list of mattress requirements. We extensively tested Matt and by extensively we really mean extensively…test until we drop. And when we finished testing, we started over again. It finally became clear, there was no better mattress on the market..

Oh yes, we are so proud with the final result. But ‘proud’ doesn’t mean we also aim for the sky pricewise. A Matt is meant for each one of us, so we concluded a second pact to arrange for the affordability. Never! And! We! Really! Mean! Never! Will we aim for sky high profit margins. Matt is there for all of us..

And so it happened.